Michael’s Undeniable, Unequivocally Awesome and Undisputed Top 40 Movies of the 80’s!!!


People…there is a list!…there is ALWAYS a list!

People have been fighting for centuries over each other opinions on “which (fill in your subject matter here) is best” or what is the “top 10 (fill in your subject matter here) of all time”

Well folks..the time has come for all opinions to be shed

The time has come for the debate to be CRUSHED

The time has come for ME

The greatest reviewer of movies of ALL TIME

To give out his highly guarded Top 40 (cause it’s a decade and there’s oooh so many!) movies of the 80’s!!!!

Are you ready for the awesome?! Well here it is…

40- 48 Hours

39- Airplane!

38- The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension

37- Midnight Run

36- Big

35- The Lost Boys

34- Predator

33- Robocop

32- Lethal Weapon

31- Rambo: First Blood Part 2

30- A Nightmare on Elm Street

29- The Last Starfighter

28- The Karate Kid

27- Beverly Hills Cop

26- Escape from New York

25- Breakfast Club

24- Revenge of the Nerds

23- Caddyshack

22- The Blues Brothers

21- The Fog

20- The Shining

19- Gremlins

18- Big Trouble in Little China

17- Ferris Bueller’s Days Off

16- Die Hard

15- The Terminator

14- Ghostbusters

13- Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

12- Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

11- The Road Warrior

10- The Goonies


9- The Thing 



8- Blade Runner


7- Stand By Me


6- Aliens


5- Raging Bull


4- E.T – The Extra Terrestrial


3- The Empire Strikes Back


2- Raiders of the Lost Ark


1- Back to the Future


Let the debate begin! But remember…my list is right and yours is wrong and those are the stated facts as told to me by the great almighty Michael J Fox

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