Liz’s Review: ‘God Help The Girl’ is musical gold!

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Indie pop fans, get ready to freak out.  Musical theatre junkies, prepare your 16 bars. Indie pop movie musical worshipers, this is gonna make your brain explode. Stuart Murdoch,  lead singer of Belle and Sebastian has written and directed a new film destined for cult status titled God Help The Girl.


Nearly a decade on the making,  this incredibly infectious movie musical follows one summer of a very damaged yet lovely girl, Eve. During her journey to find normalcy,  she happens upon two other young life wanderers. James is a part time lifeguard,  part time music teacher. Cassie is a posh private school, free spirit with a love of a good melody. The three form an impromptu friendship and band. The question on everyone’s mind? Can Eve keep it together long enough to trust herself, begin to heal, and let the music out?


This immeasurably charming film was first an album of the same name. Murdoch worked on and off between albums and tours always knowing it was his intention to make a movie. In my opinion, it is a success on every level. The mixture of styles keeps the pacing upbeat. With moments in which the actors break the 4th wall, you, as an audience, feel like you’re watching a music video rather than a classic musical. The songs, each and every one of them, are this beautiful, folksy, rock songs that you’ll be humming along with instantly.


Eve is played effortlessly by Emily Browning.  Her emotionally tangible performance is stunning.  Her delicate voice is delicious. What a natural. Olly Alexander plays a shy James. He has this lovable quality that engages the audience.  You just want to hug him and wish that you had dated him in college, with his unruly brown hair, non ironic hipster glasses and guitar. Hannah Murray,  which an American audience may best know as “Gilly”on Game of Thrones, is so sweet. The energy she brings the character of Cassie is overwhelmingly genuine and is truly the glue that keeps this trio running on a summer high.

Stuart Murdoch, Hannah Murray and Olly Alexander On Set

Stuart Murdoch, Hannah Murray and Olly Alexander On Set

I adored this film. Shot in lush Glasgow,  the indie vibe is prevalent in every shot. The costumes all look like they are straight off the rack of vintage stores and the choreography is a perfect mixture of quirky, awkward, and beautiful. Seek this out. Demand your local theater get their hands on God Help The Girl. You won’t regret it.

God Help The Girl opens September 5th.

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