‘The Balancing Act’ Focuses the Spotlight on the Passionate Ladies of the House of Yes


Anna Leah, Elena Delgado, Kae Burke, Anya Sapozhnikova and Matt Stuart

From Awake Films and directed by Anna Leah, The Balancing Act is an intimate and emotional journey of three best friends who will let nothing stop them from realizing their dreams. The film lets you step into their lives as they create, plan and collaborate an event space filled with the wonders of circus theatre.

Last Sunday, the first screening was held for Kickstarter backers at the new venue for the House of Yes that is currently under construction which you can discover more here.

As guests arrived, they were treated to the soulful music of Rachel Ann Weiss and delicious smoothies from It’s Veggie Time.

The film instantly captivates as the interviews are unfiltered and reveal the behind-the-scenes action of what it takes (the good and the bad) to put together a project with friends. Leah’s labor of love shows through the lens on each subject giving them an incredibly honest portrayal.


Kae Burke and director Anna Leah

Director Anna Leah:

The first time I went to the House of Yes, I knew I found something incredible. What these women – really just my own age, I would find out – had created was a dream. As I became more infatuated, I realized it’s because the people behind the circus house found they could bend reality around their ambition, that they could create anything they wanted. Almost like in “Peter Pan” (their last show before closing down), all they had to do was believe.
It was a privilege to first watch their spectacle, then see what truly makes them unique. It’s that every time they fall, they get back up. When they’re tired, they still try.
I can’t believe there’s a more fun movie to make, than one about your heroes – people who see their flaws and luck as completely surmountable.

Kae Burke, Anya Sapozhnikova and Elena Delgado

After the film, the after party was held at the nearby Cobra Club, where guests mingled with the cast and crew.

The film is now in the process of submitting to film festivals, and the House of Yes construction of their new space in Bushwick, has already begun. Check out the photos of the previous events here.

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