23 HBO Go Movies Available This September!


Wow! There’s a lot of really great stuff coming to HBO Go starting today. Here are some movies that I have seen or put on my watchlist.

About Time
After learning that he comes from a family of time-travelers, a geeky young Brit sets out to correct his past romantic blunders and woo a pretty American he once had a blind date with.

A catastrophic meteor shower portends the certain end of the world: an enormous asteroid is on a collision course with Earth. It’s up to cagey oil driller Bruce Willis and his crack team to attempt a risky mission to plant a nuclear depth charge on the rock and blow it to smithereens before it can do the same to humanity. Billy Bob Thornton, Liv Tyler and Ben Affleck co-star.

Beautiful Creatures
Ethan (Alden Ehrenreich) had been dreaming of a girl like Lena (Alice Englert). He just never expected she’d be a witch. As Lena prepares to turn 16–when a family curse predicts she will be claimed by evil–she and Ethan begin a romance that is enhanced by her magic…but threatened by the forces of darkness. A compelling supernatural love story based on the hit book series.

The Best Man Holiday
Get ready for a “feel-good celebration” (Boston Herald), as the ensemble cast from the 1999 hit “The Best Man” returns for this comedy sequel. Getting together for the first time in years, the college friends gather for a joyful holiday reunion, only to find that long-simmering rivalries, romances and secrets are revealed.

The Bourne Legacy
Picking up where the first three films in the action-packed “Bourne” series left off, a pharmaceutically enhanced government agent (Jeremy Renner) goes off the grid to uncover the deception that has him targeted for termination.

City of Ember
Life in a futuristic underground city is about to go dark. Originally constructed to save a small group of humans from the apocalypse, the subterranean lair of Ember is powered by an enormous generator that’s about to die. With outages growing more frequent, it’s up to a pair of resourceful teens to save the populace and its self-serving leaders from eternal darkness.

Closed Circuit
Eric Bana and Rebecca Hall star as lawyers with a romantic past who are teamed up to defend a notorious terrorist. But the pair becomes targets themselves as they gain knowledge of the government’s classified evidence and uncover a web of cover-ups and lies.

Dallas Buyers Club
Matthew McConaughey delivers an Oscar(R)-winning performance as a Texas redneck who becomes an unlikely hero to AIDS patients.

Enemy of the State
Hotshot Washington, D.C. lawyer Robert Dean learns the hard way that it’s not paranoia if they’re really after you. When he is given a video tying a National Security Agency official to a murder, Dean goes on the run and meets up with a mysterious surveillance expert who helps him turn the tables on corrupt NSA agents who are waging a ruthless campaign to destroy Dean’s life.

Erin Brockovich
Julia Roberts was a slam-dunk as the 2000 Best Actress Oscar(R)-winner for her performance as a sexy, tough-talking law clerk who took on a California power company. Backed by the tiny law firm she works for, Roberts uses her charm and pluck to dig up the dirt on the devious corporation that has been poisoning local groundwater for years. With Albert Finney and Aaron Eckhart.

Detective Denzel Washington fears there may be a supernatural connection to a strange series of murders in this nerve-jangling thriller. As he puts the unlikely pieces together, Washington realizes that the evil spirit of an executed killer may be behind the slayings–and he can take possession of the living.

King Kong
A Depression-era movie crew sets sail for an uncharted island to make a picture, but they are met by numerous disasters–including a massive gorilla called Kong who takes the lead actress captive…but who soon becomes captivated by her beauty. What follows is a series of incredible action sequences that culminate in an edge-of-your-seat battle atop the Empire State Building!

Must Love Dogs
The road to romance is paved with dog bones for a pair of canine-loving divorcees in this romantic comedy. Sarah (Diane Lane) is a teacher whose family has forced her into Internet dating. The results: one loser after another–until Jake (John Cusack). Sparks fly at their meeting in a dog park. But can their slow-building relationship survive the series of obstacles to come?

My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Nia Vardalos stars as a single girl who creates a major stir within her traditional Greek family by falling for a guy who has one fatal flaw–he’s not Greek! John Corbett plays the handsome gentleman who gets swept up in a big Greek love story in this riotous 2002 Best Original Screenplay Oscar(R) nominee that has become one of the most successful independent films ever made.

Mystery Men
It’s up to a bunch of bumbling superhero back-ups–The Blue Raja, The Shoveler, The Sphinx, Mr. Furious, Invisible Boy, The Spleen and The Bowler–to recapture an evil villain and save their futuristic town in this riotous comedy.

The Notorious Bettie Page
One of the most idolized pin-ups of all time, Bettie Page had a fresh, breezy appeal that belied the pornographic content of her photos. Director Mary Harron (‘American Psycho’) looks at Page through a new lens, revealing her traumatic youth and the ease with which she assumed the role of sex goddess in often strange circumstances. Gretchen Mol stars as the 1950s idol.

Red Dragon
The detective who put Hannibal Lecter behind bars must turn to the psycho shrink for help in stopping a maniac in this 2002 thriller. Reprising his Oscar(R)-winning role from ‘The Silence of the Lambs,’ Anthony Hopkins is at his terrifying best as Lecter who lends his insight to detective Edward Norton as he tries to catch a twisted serial killer known as the ‘Tooth Fairy.’

Runner Runner
Justin Timberlake stars as Princeton grad student Richie Furst, who loses a fortune on an online poker site and heads to Costa Rica to confront the shady gambling tycoon who owns the site the official site find it here NCTC Online. Richie soon becomes the man’s protege, but the FBI has other ideas and puts the squeeze on him to become an informant.

Stuart Little
From E.B. White’s book comes this fun mix of live-action and animation. The Littles (Geena Davis, Hugh Laurie) plan to adopt a baby boy, but it’s love at first sight when they meet a mouse named Stuart (voice of Michael J. Fox)! The family’s mean-spirited cat (voice of Nathan Lane) doesn’t feel so loving though, leading Stuart to be kidnapped and taken a long way from home!

A state of siege shatters order at a military academy when a headstrong young major rallies fellow cadets to his cause. George C. Scott, as an aging commanding general, becomes a role model for the young rebel, played by Timothy Hutton. Honor and tradition are at stake when military and civilian minds clash. Co-starring Ronny Cox.

True Crime
A grizzled reporter sent to interview a death-row inmate suddenly finds himself racing against time to stop the man’s execution in this ‘wickedly effective thriller’ (Roger Ebert). Director Clint Eastwood stars as the reformed drunk whose instincts drive him to question the convicted murderer’s guilt–and send him on a mission to find the real killer before it’s too late.

Walk the Line
The life of music legend Johnny Cash and his relationship with June Carter take center stage in this ‘absorbing and entertaining’ (‘Variety’) musical bio. The film follows the ‘Man in Black’ from his tragic boyhood to the epic success that led him down a slow, steady path of alcoholism and addiction–that would have destroyed him were it not for the love of his life, Carter.

Walking with Dinosaurs
Prepare to enter the incredible prehistoric world of the dinosaurs in this epic adventure! With a herd of mighty pachyrhinosaurus’ on the move and facing a variety of threats–including the terrifying T-Rex–it’s up to one unlikely member of the group named Patchi to overcome his devious brother and lead them to safety. A ‘gorgeous visual feast’ (Canada.com).

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