Liz’s Review: ‘Altman’ documentary airing tonight on EPIX

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As a writer, actor, and avid reader, there are certain artists who resonate with me on a very personal level. Robert Altman is one of them. From M*A*S*H* to Gosford Park, Robert Altman’s ability to capture an audience like no other. His passion for truth and realism is tough to match these days. He is a legend in the business and one to be studied.

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EPIX brings us a new documentary, aptly titled ALTMAN, detailing Robert’s life and work. Director Ron Mann elegantly weaves a narrative mixed with archived interview footage, intimate one-on-ones, Altman’s very own home movies, and narration by his family members, lead in particular by his loving wife Kathryn. His journey from small time writer to prominent director is truly inspiring. Robert had a knack for spotting talent, taking the reigns in new creative directions, and never truly taking No for an answer. When he found that life gave him lemons, he threw those lemons into the garbage and made an entire fruit salad, so to speak. The documentary treats us to an insight into age and stage; how Robert followed, in many instances, “Write what you know”. He was a master of truth, often times holding a mirror up to the world around him. No one stood in his way and as an audience, we were rewarded 10 fold over his brilliant and expansive career.


What is the definition of “Altmanesque’? Well, for anyone that has ever been touched by Robert Altman’s work, you already know the answer.


ALTMAN airs tonight on EPIX at 8pm.

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