Here’s Your Chance to Contribute to Film Discussion & Celebration – Directed By Women: A Worldwide Film Viewing Party

directed by women

Here’s a fun opportunity for you to help fund for September of 2015 – Directed by Women: a worldwide film viewing party. From the website: “We’re throwing a worldwide film viewing party. Everyone’s invited to mobilize in their communities to celebrate women filmmakers and their work. It’s going to be so much fun… but we need people to take action now to make this possible.” The film viewing party will take place September 1-15, 2015, and the reason the campaign is being started now is to help participants join in the planning of the party and be an integral part of the project as it unfolds.

As of now, the project is 80% funded and the campaign has three days to go. You can read more from the initiative’s creator, Barbara O’Leary, in an interview she had with NUVO Magazine in Indianapolis here. So if you are interested in exploring women filmmakers and their work, check out the website or their Facebook page to see how you can help.

Good luck to Barbara and the Directed by Women team!


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