Liz’s Interview: ‘Emoticon’ Director/Co-Writer/Actor Livia de Paolis

How do we navigate relationships in an age of relentless technology? We are more likely to shoot someone a text than call them. Writing letters is a thing of the past. When does technology hinder our ability to connect on a human level? Have we gone too far, already?

Emoticon is a brilliant new film starring Director/Co-Writer/Actor Livia de Paolis. As a graduate student of anthropology, Elena explores ways to complete her PHD thesis on “modern means of communication.” Dating an older man with two teenaged kids becomes a means to discover how to connect to both generations as well as herself.

This was a very personal project for de Paolis. I sat down with her to chat about the film. Below is our interview.

Starring Livia de Paolis, Michael Cristofer, Diane Guerrero, Miles Chandler, Carol Kane, Daphne Rubin-Vega, and Christine Ebersole.  Emoticon 😉 comes open May 30th.

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