‘The Last Starfighter’ Coming to a Television Near You!



Variety is reporting that Surreal.tv is teaming with The Last Starfighter screenwriter Jonathan Betuel for a new show that will be titled “The Starfighter Chronicles.” This is amazing news for fans of the cult 80’s film who have been clamoring for new stories set in the Starfighter universe ever since its original release.

The Last Starfighter was released in 1984 and stars Lance Guest as Alex Rogan, a teenage gamer who is recruited by an intergalactic fleet, the Star League, to help defend the galaxy against the evil forces of Xur and his Kodan Aramada…yes…I did just quote the movie.

The trade is reporting that the new show will not be a continuation of the original movie sadly and the show will focus more on “alien law enforcement” rather than the recruitment angle. While the new show is meant to be viewed on regular TV’s, the goal is to have the show feature special scenes that allow viewers equipped with virtual reality headsets to look around and explore the inside of a spaceship or immerse themselves in an alien firefight.

Check back for more updates as they become available