Review: ‘Jessica Watkins: SPECIALish’ documentary brings laughs and lessons across America.

Jessica Watkins: SPECIALish

Part self-discovery, part personal challenge, part comedy tour, all documentary, comedian Jessica Watkins decides to pause her life and walk across The United States. She takes a few small cameras, a jogging stroller, and herself, stopping to sleep and do gigs along the way. She’s relying on the kindness of strangers, which doesn’t always work out for her. Her honesty about her physical struggles and, more importantly, her emotional triggers are profound. SPECIALish is tantamount to experiencing a live therapy session that could very well be about yourself. There is a humanistic connection in Jessica’s exploration of memories and catharsis in her trauma. Her journey is winding and unexpected but isn’t that much more representative of life. It’s messy. Plans change. If we were all as honest with ourselves as Jessica, perhaps we’d be better for it.

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