TFF Review: ‘Virgins (Vierges)’ of the sea

Virgins (Vierges)
Feature Narrative
Country: France, Israel, Belgium
Director: Keren Ben Rafael
Writer: Elise Benroubi, Keren Ben Rafael
Starring: Rami Heuberger, Manuel Elkaslassy Vardi, Michael Aloni, Evgenia Dodina, Joy Rieger
Teenage Lana is languishing in her run-down hometown on Israel’s sun-soaked north coast—until an older, attractive writer arrives with tales of a mermaid sighting off the shore of the declining resort town.

The beach is incredibly calming and you can almost feel sun on your face with the wind blowing. However, the story is about a 16 years old girl who wants to lose her virginity and pursues and older man. When he finds out she’s 16, he pulls away, but goes back to her. I’m really over these stories. And the mermaid “plot” comes out of nowhere and really doesn’t lend anything interesting. Perhaps it’s lost in translation.

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