Review: Amy Ryan gives a moving performance in ‘Abundant Acreage Available’ winner of Best Screenplay at the Tribeca Film Festival

From writer/director Angus MacLachlan and Executive Producer Martin Scorsese, ABUNDANT ACREAGE AVAILABLE tells the story of a family in flux. Still reeling over the recent death of their father, brother and sister Jesse & Tracy (Terry Kinney & Amy Ryan) are attempting to settle into their new lives in his absence. Their quiet and simple existence is unexpectedly disrupted by the sudden arrival of three mysterious brothers, camping on their land and possessing a surprising connection to their family farm. The two sets of siblings are set on a direct collision course that will change all of their lives, for better or for worse. Tackling complicated issues of family legacies, and anchored by an amazing set of performances, the film is a brilliant showcase for all involved.


In Theaters September 29, 2017 at Cinema Village in New York
on demand October 6, 2017

Written & Directed by: 
Angus MacLachlan (Academy Award-nominated film Junebug)

Executive Produced by:
Martin Scorsese

Amy Ryan (Academy Award nominee for Gone Baby Gone, Birdman)
Terry Kinney (“Billions,” “Oz”) 
Steve Coulter (The Wizard of Lies, “House of Cards”)
Francis Guinan (Hannibal, Constantine)
Max Gail (42, “Barney Miller”)

Told almost entirely outdoors in the cold winter, Abundant Acreage Available, is a slice-of-life tale that surprises and moves you. Amy Ryan’s heartfelt performance reveals a woman who is struggling to come to terms with the loss of her father as three brothers show up to reclaim their father’s land.

I especially enjoyed the dynamic between the two sets of siblings. Tracy and her brother, Jesse, both took care of their father until his recent passing. When three brothers show up, their own complicated history interferes but also strengthens their bond.

Secrets, illness, despair, loneliness, all of it pulls you into thinking how you would handle the same situation. You never know what’s around the next corner, but leaning on your sibling is not to be taken for granted.

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