Liz’s Review: Start your summer ‘Walking on Sunshine’

walking on sunshineIf you’re looking for a fun-filled, musical way to jumpstart your summer but don’t want to venture out into the heat, then look no further than Walking on Sunshine. This over the top summer holiday themed film is filled to the brim with incredible choreography and some cheeky characters.

Walking on Sunshine 1Do you remember your first holiday romance? Taylor does, the only problem is her sister is now marrying him… Maddie is ecstatic she is finally getting married to her gorgeous fiancé Raf.  Her sister Taylor struggles to hold in her feelings for Raf, who is an ex-holiday flame and the love of her life.  Set on the beautiful coast of Italy, a love triangle between sisters unfolds through the hit songs of the 80’s.

Walking on Sunshine 2The film is fairly being compared to Mamma Mia. Wedding, music, shenanigans and the like. I do think that Walking On Sunshine stands on it’s own in many ways. The choreography for one, is absolutely top notch. As a musical theatre major, I know me some solid choreo, so color me impressed with each number. Turning pop songs into a cohesive story line can also be quite the challenge especially if they are all songs we love and know by heart. The way the lyrics have been utilized into the script is a home run. Where Mama Mia was successful, Walking On Sunshine also prevails.

Walking on Sunshine 3The acting is natural and just carefree enough to suit the musical genre. Leona Lewis‘s voice is certainly the immediate stand out even if her role is on the smaller side. You will definitely find yourself singing along and routing for these characters. Walking On Sunshine is the perfect film to check out on VOD with friends and family. I suggest throwing a party, breaking out the summer fair and renting this film some time soon!

Starring: Grammy Nominee Leona Lewis (“The X Factor”), Annabel Scholey (BBC’s “Being Human), Hannah Arterton (BBC’s “Atlantis”), Katy Brand (Nanny McPhee, Svengali, Good Arrows), Giulio Berruti

Directed by: Max Giwa & Dania Pasquini (Street Dance series)

First Window: May 29th: iTunes, Xbox, GooglePlay, Amazon InstantDirecTV, Comcast, Cox, Dish, Verizon
Second Window: June 30th: All providers listed above plus: Time Warner, Brighthouse, AT&T

Soundtrack Available Now on iTunes!
  1. Holiday
  2. Venus
  3. How Will I Know?
  4. The Power of Love
  5. Don’t You Want Me?
  6. Walking on Sunshine
  7. Eternal Flame
  8. Girls Just Want to Have Fun
  9. Wild Boys
  10. It Must Have Been Love
  11. Faith
  12. White Wedding
  13. If I Could Turn Back Time
  14. Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go

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