Tribeca Film Festival reviews: Four Fabulous Films From Female Directors – ‘Bare’ ‘Being 14’ ‘Meadowland’ ‘Sworn Virgin’

Bare_Press_1 Tribeca

Bare – tickets available
Director: Natalia Leite

Sarah is a young girl on a path of normalcy and domesticity when she meets a woman who is far from both. Dianna Agron, in 1 of 2 Tribeca Film Festival performances (the other Tumbledown), plays Sarah with a moving innocence and curiosity.

What makes it so good is that it never explains Sarah’s actions at all. We’re merely a fly on the wall as Sarah strikes up a friendship with Pepper (Paz de la Huerta) and tries out a new persona. Is it curiosity? Boredom? A little of both?

Being 14  Tribeca

Being 14
Director: Hélène Zimmer

If you’re a girl and ever have a fantasy/nightmare of reliving the age of 14, then this is your movie. Told with shockingly intimate dialogue, you’ll think you’re watching a documentary. Showing that teenage girls are both innocent and evil, you’ll have a hard time shaking this off.

Meadowland_Press_1 TribecaMeadowland
Director: Reed Morano

Dark and deeply emotional, this story of a couple dealing with the loss of a child will weigh heavy on you. Olivia Wilde is virtually unrecognizable as a woman struggling to escape from her own mind.

Sworn Virgin  Tribeca

Sworn Virgin – tickets available
Director: Laura Bispuri

Transgender stories are slowly making their way into cinema and this one is introspective and revealing. Alba Rohrwacher, in 1 of 2 movies at the Tribeca Film Festival (other is Hungry Hearts), absolutely stuns as a woman living as a man to survive in her small village. Although it has a slow pace, the story captivates.

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