Michael’s Review: ‘Americons’- The Price of Success is Sometimes Too High

Americons posterLike The Wolf of Wall Street and Boiler Room before it, Americons aims to take on the topic of greed in this country, but this time, the real estate fiasco which occurred during the Bush administration is the target. This “based on a true story” tale attempts to bring to light some of the shady goings on that transpired during the sub prime mortgage boom of 2008; an event that lead this country into an economic crisis that could have crippled this nation beyond repair. Americons is a social awareness piece that tries to cash in on its strengths but ultimately concedes to its weaknesses, which include its lackluster story and sub-par acting.


Jason (Beau Martin Williams) is an ex-NFL-football-player-turned-doorman at an exclusive Los Angeles club who meets Devin (Matt Funke), a young, rich real estate man who thinks the world bows at his feet. The two converse which leads to Devin realizing that he knows Jason from his college football days and offers to change his situation. Jason, barely able to make ends meet and living with his deadbeat girlfiend Taylor (Alyshia Ochse), realizes life isn’t going to get better without a change of environment, agrees to take Devin up on his offer. The two jet set off to New York for Jason to meet Kerry (Sam McMurray), the boss and defacto villain of the film. With a new job and a new lease on life, Jason quickly comes to realize that the choice between integrity and financial stability is harder than he originally thought.


Life is great for Jason, the money is rolling in, the drugs and alcohol are flowing and he has a new girlfiend in real estate agent Stacey (Marlana Carter). Everything seems to be going great for the former football player. But Jason crosses the line when he lures long time friend Theo (Trai Byers) into making an investment into the real estate market, a move that will test the bounds of friendship for both men. Soon the truth about what Jason and Devin are involved in comes to life and the once promising life that Jason thought was in front of him is now on the verge of crashing down around him. The clock on their fantasy world is about to hit zero, will Jason and/or Devin find a way to surface from this dream or will they be consumed by their greed? 


Americons plays much like a poor man’s Wolf of Wall Street but without any of the glitz and glamour. This dull interpretation of the lifestyle of the rich and clueless does little to educate of the dangers of such practices and more to validate the utter stupidity of the young American male and their draw towards “get rich quick” schemes. Director Theo Avgerinos has trouble finding the films flow as each grouping of scenes plays out like a bad after school special. It would be too easy to just blame the director, but Avgerinos is handicapped trying to adapt this inept screenplay, which was written by the equally as awful actor Beau Martin Williams. Neither Williams or co-creator Matt Funke are capable of providing any sort of presence on he screen. Williams initial introduction into the film as the down and out doorman seemed to work moderately but as the film commences, the transformation from wounded dog to crowned prince does not translate well. 

Overall, Americons is a mess from start to finish. A film that starts out with an agenda to educate us against the horrors of greed falters in its execution at every turn. This is one film you should not invest your time in.


2 out of 5

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