CBS Has Found Their Supergirl!


Well…it’s official! Melissa Benoist (Glee, Whiplash) has been hired to play the DC comics character according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The new show will center around Kara Zor-El, the cousin of the Man of Steel, who escaped planet Krypton as it was destroyed. Kara’s story will follow much like Superman’s as she will be taken in by an Earth family, the Danvers, and taught to control her powers and use them only for good. Now in her 20’s, Kara is thrust into the spotlight, when a disaster strikes and she is forced to use her abilities in public. As she becomes more comfortable with what she can achieve, Kara begins to help those who need it and quickly becomes known as: Supergirl.

Benoist is the second Glee alum to become a TV superhero joining Grant Gustin (The CW’s The Flash)

Supergirl will debut on CBS sometime next year