Interview: Sarah Snook on her stunning performance in the Sci-Fi/Drama/Thriller ‘Predestination’

‘Anyone who tells you they know what PREDESTINATION is about is lying.’ – Ethan Hawke

Predestination is a tough movie to talk about without spoiling major plot points or sounding completely confused. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Fans of science fiction and time travel are especially treated to the mind-bending paradoxes that are thrown out at every turn.

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Australian actress, Sarah Snook, who recently starred in Jessebelle, landed a very unique role when cast as The Unmarried Mother. When I spoke with Sarah Snook about her role in the movie, I asked her how she explains it to those who ask.

“I would just explain it from my character’s point-of-view. Kid grows up an orphan, never has any love in her life, meets a person who gives her love for the first time, they have a child and the child gets stolen, and everything goes downhill from there.”

Working with a “directing partnership”

“Neither would let the other get away with what they didn’t agree with.” She explains that it really is a great “backup” system as they both had similar influences and they could “communicate on a higher level.” She also comments that although the two brothers were very prepared, “they were very open to new ideas.”

Favorite time periods

Sarah’s favorite time period to look at was the 50s and 60s with “the blue and white” and “futuristic” look. But she loved the bar as the “was so gritty and dirty and loved all those colors.”

Short Story by Robert Heinlein

“complete idea, so concisely written.” She elaborates that, “once you read the short story, how can you not stop thinking about that?” Snook was impressed “how much the boys were able to get out of it. They’ve really fleshed it out in such a rich and detailed way. Much more so that what’s already in the story, but so believably could part of that story.”

Going to the movies

“Always loved going into that dark room and being told a story.” She explains that, “the cinematography reads so well on the big screen.” Even though it makes movies more accessible, VOD allows you to pause or be easily distracted. Snook says, “we’re cheating ourselves of a real engagement.”

Warning – spoilers below


Snook prepared for the role by watching “lots of time travel films” including Looper, The Back to the Future Trilogy, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Alien and other “cream of the crop” movies. She also watched movies where “people who had made the transition from female to male on screen as well as a real person.” Other preparation included boxing training, which she found “rather useful” to “toughen” her up a bit.

One of the most surprising things watching the movies was seeing herself talk to herself. “That kind of comes off in the short story, or is implied but you don’t conceive of it in a way or in real life.

End Spoilers

The movie is a bright spot in the January movie dump. If you’re in the mood for a mind-twister, this is perfect for you.

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