Michael’s Review: ‘Predestination’- The Future is What You Make It


Time traveling is not a new concept for the world of cinema, but Predestination attempts to add a new ripple into the genre with a highly innovative story by directors Michael Spierig and Peter Spierig (Daybreakers). Reuniting with the directors for a second go around is actor Ethan Hawke (Boyhood), who leads this exceptionally talented international cast, which includes Noah Taylor (Edge of Tomorrow) and Sarah Snook (Jessabelle), into a complex world of intrigue which will have you guessing until the final act. Buckle up for a wild ride.

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Ethan Hawke plays The Bartender, an agent of a mysterious organization known as the Temporal Bureau, a government agency that sends so-called “temporal agents” through time to prevent major crimes. The Bartender is assigned to catch an elusive terrorist known as the Fizzle Bomber, who is responsible for the deaths of 11,000 New Yorkers in 1975. After an accident while trailing the terrorist leaves the agent severely injured, the Fizzle Bomber escapes into a different time and leave the Bartender in need of extensive cosmetic surgery. Once the agent is healed, he is embarks on one final mission to stop the Fizzle Bomber before he is decommissioned. Jumping to New York City in the 1970’s, the agent takes on the role of a bartender (hence the name) where he meets John, a magazine writer who writes confessional testimonials under the pen name “The Unmarried Mother”. The two strike up a conversation which leads to John revealing a story about his past. Seeing that the past has caused much sorrow for John, The Bartender makes John an offer to change the past by time jumping. When John agrees, the two travel back to Cleveland, OH in the 1960’s where an event The Bartender believes intersects John’s life with the whereabouts of the Fizzle Bomber. As John begins to search for the man who ruined his life, The Bartender puts in motion events which will lead to the eventual showdown with the terrorist. As the two time travelers stories begin to unwind, the reveals will change their lives and their missions. Can you really change the past or is everything which happens predetermined?

Directors Michael Spierig and Peter Spierig have created a truly innovative story which works on every level. The film, based on the Robert A. Heinlein short story “All You Zombies”, investigates the ramifications of time travel as it pertains to changing events to affect the future. As the story unravels, we begin to understand why each character’s story is important to the end game and the payoff is highly effective. Ethan Hawke turns in yet another brilliant performance. Hawke’s ability to elevate the performances of each actors in the film is a true credit to the veteran actor. Relative newcomer Sarah Snook is amazing in her mystery role. The actress is mesmerizing and her characters journey is one of the truly great performances in the past few years.

Overall, Predestination is a complex story with a lot of twists and turns that will be treasured by many genre fans for years to come. The acting and landscape of the film are stellar and will leave you with a lot to talk about once the credits roll. This is one film for true film fans.The first truly great film of 2015.


4 out of 5

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