The Reel Big Show – Interview: Jonathan English, Director Of ‘Ironclad: Battle For Blood’ & Topic: Best Female Sci-Fi Characters


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In this week’s episode, Michael interviews the director of Ironclad: Battle For Blood (on VOD today and in theaters July 25th), Jonathan English and leads a discussion on female sci-fi characters in TV and film. Guests: Brad Slaton & Melissa Hanson

SYNOPSIS: Steel yourself for another brutal battle, as one of the few survivors of the Great Siege of Rochester Castle fights to protect his family’s estate from fierce Celtic raiders. With a new battleground and a new enemy, IRONCLAD: BATTLE FOR BLOOD delivers the same ferocious, adrenaline-filled action that defined IRONCLAD. Tom Austen (“The Borgias”) and Michelle Fairley (“Game of Thrones”) star in this exciting new adventure from the director, writers and producers of the original IRONCLAD.

CAST: Michelle Fairley (HBO’s “Game of Thrones”), Tom Austen (Showtime’s “The Borgias”), Tom Rhys Harries, Roxanne McKee, Rosie Day, Predrag Bjelac, Andy Beckwith
WRITTEN BY: Jonathan English and Stephen McDool
DIRECTED BY: Jonathan English

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