Melissa’s Movie of the Day: ‘The Thin Blue Line’ on Netflix Instant

I started watching The Thin Blue Line a few days ago but only got through the first 15 minutes before having to turn it off. There was no particular reason, I just wanted to finally watch it, as I’ve heard of it for years. I knew it was an Errol Morris documentary. That’s it. This morning I went back to continue Read More →

Film Festival Selections You Can Now Watch on Netflix Instant

Downloaded Discover the history of Napster, which began as an unassuming bit of computer code in 1998 and would eventually change the nature of music sales. Hawking Renowned physicist Stephen Hawking narrates his own story via the voice-synthesis device that he has used since ALS silenced his speech. Teenage Filmmaker Matt Wolf explores the origins of the modern-day “teenager” — Read More →