Jeremy Goes to the Indy Film Fest: Rory Kennedy’s Documentary ‘Last Days in Vietnam’ Poignant and Fascinating

Last Days in Vietnam-posterWhile I lived through the final gasps of the Vietnam War, I was way too young to recall any of it. This war hangs over our country’s history like a rain cloud and it’s rare that we ever hear of much in the way of good that came from it. Enter Rory Kennedy‘s superb documentary, Last Days in Vietnam, which tells the story of the not-so-secret operation to remove as many of the South Vietnamese who helped the U.S. during the war with the Viet Cong and the communists from the North. This is a tale that has seemingly gone untold in the near 40 years since the end of the war. As our troops that have been engaged in Iraq and Afghanistan are finally being returned home, the time seems perfectly ripe for a film like this one. Read More →

Jeremy Goes to the Indy Film Fest: William MacGillivray’s ‘Hard Drive’ Is a Drive Best Skipped

Plan as you may, every film that you see can’t be a winner. This holds especially true at film festivals where pre-festival exposure to the films playing is sometimes nil. That’s the exciting thing about going to a festival. You may stumble across an unheralded gem or you may find a film that turns you off completely, sort of a film roulette if you will. As I’ve already mentioned in previous posts, the other two narrative films that I caught at the Indy Film Fest (Fort Tilden and Bluebird) were both incredible in their own unique ways and worthy of infinite praise. Perhaps the old adage of third time’s the charm is true because the third narrative film I saw, William MacGillivray‘s Hard Drive, just wasn’t up to par with the others. Being the first narrative film that I was set to see, I had hoped it would set the bar incredibly high for the rest I had ahead. Instead, it did the opposite. Read More →