Furious 8 is Coming to Theaters and We Know When!

Furious 7

With Furious 7 the newest billion dollar film, it is no surprise that Universal would want to fast track the next installment into production and we now know when it’s coming. Vin Diesel took the stage at CinemaCon last night and announced that Furious 8 is coming to theaters on April 14, 2017!

No word on the plot but in previous interviews, Diesel has been quoted as saying he would like the next one to take place in New York City. No confirmation on whether James Wan would return to direct but we do know that the film is said to feature the return of Kurt Russell’s Mr. Nobody.

Diesel was on Jimmy Kimmel Live earlier this month and had this to say:

“I always think of these films [as] multiple pictures at a time.” In that vein it makes sense that the mysteirous Russell character, who disappeared in Furious 7 while sitting in a desert, would return.

He went on to say:

“Kurt Russell came in for this movie, but we really hired him for a story that follows this that takes place in New York.”

More as it becomes available

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