‘PRINCETON’S IN THE MIX’ (DWF: LA 2024 short) A cut above the rest in college admissions

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In PRINCETON’S IN THE MIX, the modern woes of college admissions season get uglier when elite parents find a new way to get a leg up in the competition.

Heather Burns, my favorite actress from Miss Congeniality (and the eternal April 25th meme), gives Beth a lethal edge. She nails this role. Charlie Besso plays son Teddy with the hesitant vulnerability needed to counter Burns’s maniacal intensity.

DP Jason Jossefer delivers beautifully sharp and immersive camera work. Filmmaker Jonathan Di Maio takes a viciously tongue-in-cheek look at the pressure of keeping up with the Joneses, calling out the admissions scandal in Hollywood. The foreshadowing in the first scene is chef’s kiss. Di Maio’s voice is loud and clear, and I look forward to whatever comes next.


WRITER/DIR: Jonathan DiMaio
PRODS: Antonio Alonzo Ayala, Heather Brawley, Matt Stoner, David Zax (Co-Producer), Nagi Chami (Executive Producer)
CAST: Heather Burns, Charlie Besso, Syra McCarthy, Nate Duncan

When the wealthy mother of a high schooler discovers that her son can get extra time on the SAT if he gets injured, things spiral out of control.

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