‘NUKED” (Tribeca 2024) Rowdy revelations in dire times

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NUKED Dinner Table
**World Premiere – Spotlight Narrative Category** NUKED

A group of old friends celebrate one couple’s 40th birthday. Booze, cannabis-infused menu, deep secrets, and a single text blow up in their faces in Deena Kashper‘s Tribeca 2024 highlight NUKED.

NUKED Bottom of StairsThe more stoned they get, the more intense the setup as the audience waits for Jack to drop a truth bomb. But that’s the least of their problems when an emergency broadcast message forces our guests to face facts of their past and present.

NUKED boasts a superb comedy ensemble. Natasha Leggero plays Chef Sasha, the cannabis expert and sarcastic wonder kind. I imagine that at least a few of her lines are improvised based on the cast’s reactions. Lucy Punch makes every film more spectacular. Her comic timing is a thing of the gods. As the anxious mother of a newborn, Punch balances heartfelt attachment and sardonic wit like a star.

Justin Bartha has the effortless charm of Jason Bateman. His ability to hold the frame and take you on an emotional journey is always impressive. His physical comedy holds a lot of emotional swings. Bartha is fantastic. Anna Camp is relentlessly funny. She’s a little Energizer Bunny that you feel compelled to watch. Her chemistry with Bartha is a knockout success.

Raunchy and unfiltered, NUKED is a modern take on evergreen issues. It’s hilarious, unapologetic, and a damn good time. Make sure you stay tuned for the credits!

Written and Directed by: Deena Kashper
Story by: Deena Kashper & Danny Kashper
Produced by Julie Christeas, p.g.a., Daryl Freimark, p.g.a., Deena Kashper
Executive Producer: Kerri Elder, Blake Elder, Justin Bartha, Victoria Sidebotham, Jon Stockel, Danny Kashper, Eugene Kashper
Co-Executive Producers: John Balis, Adam Kirszner, Eric Litman
Co-Producer: Emily McCann Lesser, Jeremy Kotin
Starring: Anna Camp, Justin Bartha, Lucy Punch, George Young, Tawny Newsome, Ignacio Serrichio, Maulik Pancholy, Stephen Guarino, Natasha Leggero, and Cole Stockel

Gill Langer (Pitch Perfect’Anna Camp), a relationship podcaster, influencer and oversharer, is celebrating her 40th birthday alongside her husband, Jack Langer (The Hangover’s Justin Bartha), an unassuming educator who wants nothing more than for them to conceive a child. Convening at a lavish estate, she throws a cannabis-infused dinner party with some of her closest friends, couples who are also at a crossroads in their relationships. As the night carries on, the high settles in and the insecurities of their respective relationships come to the surface; everyone gets a sudden phone alert that a nuclear missile is headed directly toward them.You’d be surprised what facing your impending death looks like and how weed, surprisingly, may not be your best ally in this scenario.

Feature | United States | 86 MINUTES | English

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