New York Film Festival 56 Review: ‘In My Room’

While the idea of the last man on Earth isn’t revolutionary, Ulrich Köhler’s film In My Room approaches the idea from a long-game perspective. The opening of the film is visually jarring. In hindsight, this is a fantastic set up for our leading man and a plot in which the world’s population vanishes overnight. This introduction is subtle at first. If you were to go into the film unaware of the plot, you may miss the first signs. The film’s emotional journey is all over the place. Panic sets in, and then, very quickly, it transitions to a “fuck it” attitude. Hans Löw‘s physical transformation, from beginning to end, is startling. As is his intellectual prowess. Without an electronic grid, one would have to adapt quickly to survive. In My Room pushes you to think about the effects of a cataclysmic event. In the film, Armin has a system. It is one he strives to improve upon daily, without losing his mind. I’d love to report an uplifting ending, alas I cannot. Without going into detail, you’re left to root for a man that could easily be you. In My Room goes to dark places and sits there. Then makes you sit there. In doing so, it is an incredibly effective film.

Directed by: Ulrich Köhler
Germany / 2018 / 119 minutes / NR

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