Review: Even Tom Hanks, Emma Watson & Patton Oswalt couldn’t save ‘The Circle’

I hadn’t planned on seeing The Circle at the Tribeca Film Festival, but the night before, I saw an interview on Conan with Patton Oswalt talking about Tom Hanks and I changed my plans. I wish I hadn’t.

No doubt the book goes into more detail, but in the movie, The Circle is a google-like company that is testing its aspirations in a world without privacy. Mae (Emma Watson) is new to the company and becomes the new spokesperson for a bodycam that broadcasts her every move (minus 3 minutes for the bathroom). Yeah, yeah, The Truman Show and Ed TV have both tried this before and both have done better.

The main focus and most of the screen time was for Emma Watson. I really was looking forward to seeing a dark side of Tom Hanks, but sadly, I was disappointed. What I saw of Patton Oswalt was good, but there wasn’t enough!

I’m guessing the movie was edited too much. There is so much great material and such a good cast for it to turn out this terrible. Or perhaps they realized at the end that the story hits too close to home and they needed to dial it down in order not to terrify people. Because this “future” is already happening.

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