See FREE new indie movies at the Las Vegas Lift-Off Film Festival June 25th!


Las Vegas Lift-Off is part of the Lift-Off International Film Festivals, dedicated to the discovery and development of independent artists in an unbiased environment and free from any commercial pressures. Student films are programmed alongside professional/ independent films and every film that is submitted is treated equally and voted on individual merit alone. A large budget and glossy production value means nothing to the folks at Lift-Off – the only focus is great delivery of an honest story. The motto is to “Look beyond the gloss. Put talent before technology.”
If you are a filmmaker and wish to benefit from a discount to submit your film, you may use the submission code LasVegasIndie for a 25% discount!
Las Vegas Lift-Off Film Festival is one of six international Lift-Off events and come directly after the very successful Liverpool event in the UK. Other Lift-Off events take place in LA, Amsterdam, London and Tokyo. Las Vegas Lift-Off Film Festival is free to attend, enabling submission fees to directly donate to bringing more audience to independent work. Lift-Off believe strongly in their filmmakers getting value for their submission fee and so every one is given extensive support and advice on topics such as marketing, crowd-funding and artistic development. Lift-Off’s aim is to create a network of creatives to one day become an industry of their own, where talent is king and hard work rewarded.
The festival also offers an option to receive extensive feedback and grades on submitted works, regardless of selection – another factor that makes Lift-Off unique from other festivals. With 700+ overall global entrants, the Las Vegas leg of Lift-Off promises an array of films from animations, live action narrative and documentaries. As is always the case with Lift-Off, winners are selected via audience choice and will be awarded with introductions to directorial agents and booking managers, as well as the chance to have their work reviewed by the national and international press. Lift-Off wish to bring back the art of film-making and, most importantly, to bring back the talent behind it.

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