Tribeca Film Festival 2015 Has Begun! Drive-In Movies & Free Events!

tribeca film festival 2015 logoLiz and Melissa are your eyes and ears of this year’s Tribeca Film Festival in New York City. They’ve got a headstart – Liz has already seen 24 and Melissa has seen 15! They’ll be attending the festival, watching movies and interviewing actors and directors. Make sure to follow them to see what they’re up to!

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  • TRIBECA FAMILY FESTIVAL STREET FAIR: April 25, 10am – 6pm Greenwich Street / North of Chambers
  • Free Screening of: Back to the Future: April 25, 6pm at BMCC
  • Tribeca/ESPN Sports Day 1: April 23, 10am – 6pm Greenwich Street / North Chambers

Quick facts:

  • 3,147 Feature submissions
    • World Premiere: 67
    • International Premiere: 4
    • North American Premiere: 13
    • U.S. Premiere: 5
    • New York Premiere: 11
    • Restoration: 1
  • Total Number of Feature Directors: 124
    • Feature-Length Female Directors: 32
    • Feature-Length Male Directors: 93
    • First-Time Directors: 41
    • First-Time Female Directors: 14
    • First-Time Male Directors: 27
    • Returning Directors: 62

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Melissa Hanson aka Dial M For Melissa - Managing Editor / Podcast Producer - Growing up, Melissa’s favorite destination was always the video store and would agonize over whether to watch something new or to rewatch a favorite. Things have not changed. Follow on Twitter @DialMForMelissa

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