45 movies about Mothers from the last 77 years! Happy Mother’s Day!



Good, bad or just plain crazy, these movies with a mom as the central character have been entertaining us in the movies for quite a long time. My favorite would have to be Mother with Debbie Reynolds and Albert Brooks. What’s yours?

[imdb id=”tt3014666″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt2271671″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt1322269″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt1694020″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt1242460″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt1305591″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt1336617″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0842926″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt1220227″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt1216496″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt1220220″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0978759″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0490084″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0356680″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0369735″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0322330″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0258000″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0278435″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0125022″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0200027″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0285742″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0198021″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0241303″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0195685″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0149691″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0120686″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0119313″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0117091″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0109642″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0110997″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0111127″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0105477″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0100395″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0098519″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0098384″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0092605″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0094142″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0089560″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0087921″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0086425″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0084707″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0082766″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0076054″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0037913″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0029608″ plot=”short”]

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