3 movie ideas & a draft of the casts – The Reel Big Show Studios

Which actors & actresses would you draft for the perfect movie? In this special edition of The Reel Big Show, Michael had the idea for the gang to choose a movie concept and then they would cast it, ala snake draft! Here’s a few teasers, but you’ll have to listen to get the details! Movie A: The Dear Johns – Read More →

53 Random Prison Movies – This Week on The Reel Big Show

Whether they are funny, dramatic or full of action (or a combination of both), movies with prison are plenty. This week Michael leads the discussion with Liz and Melissa.

Post-Oscar Rants & Raves on The Reel Big Show

This week Michael, Liz and Jeremy discuss the aftermath of this year’s Oscars and Spirit Awards and submit their ideas on what should change to make the Academy Awards more enjoyable! Melissa also adds a new category! On Demand This Week! Check it out as Michael fills us in on what to watch this weekend

The Reel Big Show – Movies About Musicians – What’s Your Favorite?

What’s your favorite movie about a musician or band? Michael leads a discussion with Brad and Melissa through a variety of topics. Here’s a sample of the answers, but you’ll have to listen to find out who chose which!

The Reel Big Show – Robin Williams & Lauren Bacall Tributes With CEO of Modernciné and Modern Distributors Andrew van den Houten

In the first part of the episode, Michael’s leads the tribute to Robin Williams along with regulars Jeremy Harmon and Brad Slaton. Jeremy also pays tribute to Lauren Bacall. Andrew van den Houten, CEO and Founder of TentSquare, Modernciné, and Modern Distributors came on to discuss TentSquare and the new films ModernCine has up their sleeve…Young Adult novel fans might freak a little!