The Reel Big Show Christmas Special! Michael, Jeremy, Brad & Melissa!

Michael does his best to wrangle the rowdy especially rambunctious group in a discussion of all types of Christmas movies ranging from the traditional It’s a Wonderful Life to the outrageous Bad Santa. Happy holidays from everyone at Reel News Daily! We look forward to bringing you more entertainment in 2015! You can now subscribe in iTunes!

Liz’s ‘Thanksgiving’ Review: Let’s Talk Turkey and Truth

Over the holiday weekend, I went to a typical NYC rooftop party. The company was comprised mostly of young lawyers and investment bankers in their mid to late twenties. When one girl complained about the Lower East Side becoming irrelevant, I was perplexed. ” Why?” (an audible Freudian slip). She explained, “Every five feet, they’re are strollers and children! It’s Read More →