Retro Review: Michael Schultz’ Martial Arts Epic ‘The Last Dragon’ Turns 30 Today

As we take another spin around the films that came out in 1985, it’s hard to pass up an 80s cult  classic like Michael Schultz‘ (or should I say Barry Gordy‘s) The Last Dragon. The 80s were an interesting time for martial arts films. Since Bruce Lee’s death in 1973, the genre lingered in the exploitation realm with no bona Read More →

Production Begins on ‘Code of Honor’ Starring Steven Seagal

Premiere Entertainment Group has announced today that production has commenced in Salt Lake City, Utah for the highly-anticipated action/thriller Code of Honor starring Steven Seagal . The film is written and directed by Michael Winnick (Guns, Girls and Gambling) and co-stars Craig Sheffer (A River Runs Through It) and Helena Mattsson (Iron Man 2). The film tells the story of a special Read More →