Best of the Fest: Liz & Melissa’s 22 Favorite Narratives & Documentaries from the Tribeca Film Festival!

It was a fabulous eleven days filled with movies and interviews, and now it’s time for us to reflect on our favorites. Enjoy! Favorite Comedies Grandma – releasing August 21st Reeling from a recent breakup and still mourning the loss of her longtime partner, once-famous poet Elle Reid (Lily Tomlin) is surprised to find her teenage granddaughter on her doorstep in need Read More →

3 docs you simply must see at the Tribeca Film Festival

The Birth of Saké – RUSH tickets available Feeling stressed? Can’t get your mind to relax? Take a trip to Japan and follow a group of men who dedicate half of their year to making saké. The group of men eat, sleep, laugh and cry together all while preserving the centuries-old tradition. The passion of the brewmaster Yamamoto and his young apprentice, Yasuyuki Read More →