Russo Brothers to Direct for Marvel’s ‘Avengers: Infinity War 1 & 2’


Badass Digest dropped the news first and then the trades picked it up that that Joe and Anthony Russo, the directing pair behind Captain America: The Winter Soldier and the upcoming Captain America: Civil War, will take on Marvel Studios’ massive two-part Avengers: Infinity War.

The film is rumored to center around the Mad Titan Thanos’ quest to bring together the six Infinity Stones we’ve seen appear throughout the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Actor Josh Brolin, who appeared as the character in last summers hit film Guardians of the Galaxy, had this to say about the upcoming two parter:

“It’s Thanos against everyone”

No word on if the Guardians would appear in the either part of the films, but it is safe to say we will see many familiar faces pop up from the MCU.

Avengers: Infinity War Part I will be released on May 4, 2018, and Part II will follow one year later on May 3, 2019.

In the meantime, the Russo’s will start production on Captain America: Civil War in the next two weeks. The film will be released next year on May 6, 2016

Rumor: Drew Goddard Writing and Directing New Spider-Man Movie

who-do-you-really-think-should-play-spider-manYour friendly neighborhood rumor mill, to Latino Review, are reporting that Drew Goddard (Cabin in the Woods) will both write and direct the upcoming reboot of the Spider-Man franchise for Sony. The film is expected to be set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, according to the report. Goddard, most recently, was the showrunner on Marvel’s Daredevil television show for Netflix before taking writing and directing duties on Sony’s previously-planned Sinister Six film.

As we already know Spidey will make his MCU debut in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War, set for release on May 6, 2016. He’ll then get his own solo film, written and directed by Goddard, which will be release on July 28, 2017. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal will produce the film for Sony.

I’ve reached out to some contacts to confirm Goddards involvement so check back for updates!