Melissa’s Top 5 J Lo Movies Better Than ‘The Boy Next Door’

I could write a review of The Boy Next Door. I could give it a rating. But I won’t. It’s a throwaway movie. I understand this is just a story, but it’s 2015. Aren’t we past the helpless woman thing? J Lo can do better. Let’s move past this. Here are 5 of her other movies that are my favorites.



Creepy and weird, but it’s such a cool concept. Plus, Vincent D’Onofrio. He’s amazing.



Matthew McConaughey made a few of these silly romantic comedies, and I think this one is my favorite. Judy Greer is also fantastic as the best friend.



Jane Fonda and Wanda Sykes totally steal the show. So ridiculous and fun.



A modern fairy tale. My girlyness is at its peak.



Absolutely perfect. J Lo kicks ass. This is what I wanted to see in The Boy Next Door.