Liz’s Review: ‘Love Is Strange’ Starring John Lithgow & Alfred Molina

love is strange_posterRelationships come and go. True love relationships are the rarest. Whether a friend, family, or romantic variety, the older you get the fewer they become. LOVE IS STRANGE, the new film by Ira Sachs, is a story of a newly married gay couple. But it’s not so simple. Ben (John Lithgow) and George (Alfred Molina) have been together for almost 30 years. With the news of their nuptials, comes the dismissal of George from his teaching job at a Catholic school. Without his income, they are forced to sell their NYC apartment and ask family members to put them up… separately. Faced with the “What now,” Ben sleeps on a bunk bed beneath his reluctant great nephew, Joey (Charlie Tahan). Marisa Tomei and Darren Burrows play Ben’s niece and nephew, respectively, and Joey’s parents, Kate and Elliot. While George stays with their two younger neighbor friends (Cheyenne Jackson and Manny Perez), gay cops from down the hall, who constantly have noisy parties until the wee hours of the morning, occupying his bed… the couch. Read More →