Review: ‘COOTIES’ is infectiously delicious.

“Circle, Circle, Dot, Dot, Now you have your cootie shot!” Let’s be real. We’ve all had our cootie shot at some point in elementary school. It was necessary  to survive the playground territory wars and/or avoid a horrible disease ridden classmate. Oh wait, that’s not what it was used for back then. The disease ridden classmate part, I mean. That’s Read More →

Melissa’s Review: ‘The Mule’ shows the gross inventiveness of desperation

What an awesome poster. It conveys the movie perfectly. I first saw The Mule at this year’s SXSW Film Festival, covering for It was one of the films that I had on my watchlist that I was able to see and I was delighted by it’s odd deliver and captivating journey. Star, co-writer and co-director, Angus Sampson is Ray Jenkins, Read More →