Opposing Reviews: Melissa & Liz review Woody Allen’s ‘Irrational Man’ with Joaquin Phoenix, Emma Stone & Parker Posey

[imdb id=”tt3715320″ plot=”short”] Liz and I often agree on movies, but there are occasions where we do not, and Irrational Man is one of them. As it rolls out to theaters across the country, starting with this weekend, we thought you might like to read two different opinions. Enjoy! Melissa Looking through the stills of Irrational Man, I almost remember it Read More →

‘The Balancing Act’ Focuses the Spotlight on the Passionate Ladies of the House of Yes

From Awake Films and directed by Anna Leah Jacobson, The Balancing Act is an intimate and emotional journey of three best friends who will let nothing stop them from realizing their dreams. The film lets you step into their lives as they create, plan and collaborate an event space filled with the wonders of circus theatre.