Jeremy’s Review/Interview: ‘Coherence’ Might Be the Most Criminally Underwatched Film of the Year So Far

Coherence-PosterWhen our lovelies Liz and Melissa included James Ward Byrkit‘s Coherence in their Top 10 Films of the Summer, I did a double take. What is this movie which you rate so high? It had not crossed my radar for some reason (I will blame them even though Melissa wrote briefly about it) and I rushed to the interwebs to help me figure out what it was and who made it. When I found out it was written and directed by the same man who received story credit for the Oscar-winning animated film Rango, I was surprised. So when I read that Coherence was, in fact, a science fiction thriller, I went from surprised to being impressed. The thing about good writers is that they can work in multiple genres and are able to create films that can appeal to the different audiences attracted to said genre. Rango was a four-quad film with mass appeal and Johnny Depp as the star. Coherence is the polar opposite and is better off for it. Read More →