‘Machete Kills Again… In Space’ To Begin Filming This Year


Despite the abysmal box office return on Machete KillsRobert Rodriguez seems determined to bring a third film to light with Machete Kills Again… In SpaceDanny Trejo, star of 2010’s Machete and 2013’s Machete Kills, recently spoke to Halloween Daily News and had this to say:

“Robert and I are going to start to do Machete Kills in Space, so that’s going to be awesome,”said Danny Trejo “We’re going to be working on it this year.”

For those of us who actually saw Machete Kills, a fake trailer for Machete Kills Again… In Space preceded Machete Kills and it featured lightsaber machete wielding Trejo taking out bad guys.

We have the trailer for you to view below

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