Melissa’s Movie of the Day: ‘The Thin Blue Line’ on Netflix Instant

I started watching The Thin Blue Line a few days ago but only got through the first 15 minutes before having to turn it off. There was no particular reason, I just wanted to finally watch it, as I’ve heard of it for years. I knew it was an Errol Morris documentary. That’s it. This morning I went back to continue Read More →

Melissa’s Monday Movie: ‘Crystal Fairy’ With Michael Cera & Gaby Hoffman

Based on a true story, this really random journey hinges on the complete unlikeability of Michael Cera and the Gaby Hoffman’s outlandish behavior. On a trip through Chile a boorish American expat named Jamie (Michael Cera) and three Chilean brothers plan to set off in search of the prized San Pedro cactus and its promise of beachy hallucinations. But in the previous night’s Read More →

Melissa’s Monday Movie: ‘Jiro Dreams of Sushi’

Today at work we were discussing sushi and I immediately recommended seeing the 2012 documentary on Netflix (an other places), Jiro Dreams of Sushi. Not only is it a fascinating look at how sushi is made, but also about the complete love Jiro has for it. Warning: After seeing this movie, you will want sushi. Find here