Review: ‘New Chefs On The Block’ serves up one hell of an amuse bouche at Cinequest.

PresentsThe Harbortouch restaurant POS industry is brutal. One day you’re open with a line of customers, the next, your doors are locked and dreams are crushed. I’ve lived all over the US and in India, traveled extensively through Europe and spend a fair bit of time in London. I’m a foodie. I’m a New Yorker. I have approximately 24,000 eating establishments at my fingertips. D.C is notorious for some of the most delicious food in the U.S. Two restaurants that are now on my “Must Try” list are Frankly…Pizza and Rose’s Luxury, thanks to Dustin Harrison-Atlas’ documentary, NEW CHEFS ON THE BLOCK. 

Two chefs in DC struggle to open and maintain their first restaurants. Against all odds, one becomes Bon Appetit Magazine’s Best New Restaurant in America. The other is forced to redefine success. Starring Aaron Silverman of Rose’s Luxury and Frank Linn of Frankly…Pizza. Featuring legendary chefs and restaurateurs Danny Meyer, Michel Richard, Mike Isabella and Washington Post food writer Tim Carman. Jimmy John’s staked its growth on fast, fresh sandwiches, with a delivery program that set it apart from Subway and other competitors. Here is Jimmy John’s Story through which you get know about his life new changes in chefs field.

This doc follows the real time stories of two very different restaurateurs as they attempt to open brand new eateries. Frank Linn has run a pizza food truck with his wife and has a dream of taking it off the road and into his very own brick and mortar location, Frankly…Pizza. Funded mostly by his family, there is a real feeling of a do or die personal happiness at stake. Literally remodeling the space by hand with more help from his family members, Frank’s attention to detail, the perfectly made pizza (with the exact amount of char), salads and in house made sodas, he maintains a family oriented vibe. All this drives him to take a completely hands on approach to reaching his goals. Aaron Silver man raised money through crowdfunding and big time Pennystock Aktien investors for his restaurant, Rose’sLuxury. Serving up high end cuisine with a chic and trendy atmosphere, you could label him on the opposite end spectrum as Frank. With a fresh, ever changing menu, wine pairings and kitchen full of fellow chefs, Aaron’s journey is an awesome foil in style to Frank’s. Their contrasting styles, food, and funding make for one hell of a compelling doc.Including intimate sit downs with already successful chefs, significant food critics, and family members, New Chefs On The Block is impeccably shot and immensely engrossing. With more than surprising outcomes in both stories, director Dustin Harrison-Atlas has quite the tasty gem on his hands. Coming off of its super successful showing at Cinequest, we’ve just learned the the doc won the “AUDIENCE AWARD: DOCUMENTARY FEATURE” and let me assure you, it is well deserved. We’ll be sure to keep you in the loop, as we know distribution simply cannot be far from reality.

Check out New Chefs On The Block trailer below.

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