Records & Red Lipstick: Covergirl ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Limited Edition Collection

Star Wars Makeup. Seriously.

I’m a child of the 80’s and always loved the Star Wars movies.  I watched them on VHS tapes, mimicked Darth Vader in box fans, and had a pretty good impression of a Tauntaun walk. I was disappointed, along with the rest of the world, in the three prequel movies in the 2000’s, but I have high hopes for the newest movies. Being a lover of all things makeup, I obviously was excited to see that CoverGirl was coming out with a Limited Edition collection for The Force Awakens.

I tried finding the collection at a few midtown NYC Duane Reade’s but had no luck (does anyone ever find collections in NYC drugstores? I never have luck. Only me?). Thankfully, most of the collection is available on, so I placed an order (which, I might add was delivered within 36 hours, so that was crazy).The collection includes:

  • Super Sizer Waterproof Mascara – The Light Side (1 shade)
  • Super Sizer Mascara – The Dark Side (1 shade)
  • Outlast Nail Polish (6 shades)
  • Colorlicious Lipstick (6 shades)

Unfortunately, when I ordered from Walgreens, the nail polish wasn’t available, so I didn’t get any of those. I’m not a huge fan of waterproof, so I just picked up The Dark Side mascara. It is not my cup of tea. Though the color is nice and dark, it doesn’t give a lot of volume. I’ll likely use it for simple day looks or to use on my lower lashes.

I also picked up three of the lipsticks (R-L):

Silver is more of an icy pink. It goes on fairly sheer, but it builds up. I actually liked how it looked when I had only one layer on. It was sheer enough to see my natural lip color through, but it still gave a cool frosty silver glimmer. It took about four layers to get to where I thought was totally opaque.

Red is a deep burgundy with gold shimmer and Purple is deep and wearable with a touch of frost. Both of these were super pigmented and opaque on one swipe. Overall, I like the colors a lot. There are a couple of things about these lipsticks however, that will keep me from wearing these lipsticks often. First, these feel almost gritty. I can feel the texture on these and that drives me crazy. The other is the smell/taste of the lipsticks. It is very strong, chemically smell and taste. I had to take it off immediately. It has been a long time since I bought a CoverGirl lipstick, do they all smell like this? It’s a shame because I do like the colors of these.

Here are swatches of the three I own.

L-R: Red 30, Silver 10, Purple 50
L-R: Red 30, Silver 10, Purple 50
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