Robin Williams’ performance in ‘Boulevard’ is a poignant yet hopeful story of a closeted man

Boulevard Poster without quotesAlmost a year after we lost Robin Williams comes one of his last roles in Boulevard, a story of a closeted man who starts the road to self-discovery. While there are tense moments, it is not driven by events, but the emotional journey of Nolan (Robin Williams). In this dramatic performance, Williams captures Nolan’s internal struggle as he finally acts on his feelings.

Boulevard still Robin

Boulevard Still

Opening in NY This Friday, July 10th
NYC Theater: Landmark Sunshine,
Opening in LA and Additional Markets July 17th 

At 60 years old, Nolan has been living a fulfilling yet monotonous life with a loving wife (Kathy Baker) and steady job at a local bank. He becomes restless and soon finds himself searching for something different.


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