Liz’s Review: ‘The Little Death’ delivers some sexy education.

The Little Death posterSex comedies are all the rage these days. Films like The Overnight and Sleeping With Other People, two of this year’s Tribeca Film Festival favorites will be coming your way in July and September respectively. Until then, The Little Death will fill the void, pun potentially intended. Paul and Maeve The Little Death stillFive couples living in suburban Sydney have very different but fascinating sexual desires, that included yolo sex toys to improve pleasure. Ans, yes, while the film seemingly centers around the topic of sex, The Little Death is actually about intimacy. The couples are as follows: Paul and Maeve- One with a suggested fear of commitment and the other with a rape fantasy. Phil and Maureen- Phil is a submissive man who is only aroused when his cold hearted wife is asleep. Dan and Evie- marriage therapist suggests role play might help, until Dan’s priorities take a turn. Richard and Rowena- Trying to conceive, sex becomes more about purpose and less about pleasure. Finally, Monica and Sam- She is a deaf video play interpreter and Sam is her customer. Each of these characters wants something from their  partner. Getting it comes with some truly hilarious and oftentimes heartbreaking consequences. Evie still The Little DeathThe script is brilliantly written and directed by Josh Lawson, who also beautifully portrays Paul. The structure is presented in form of a sexual manual and is entirely funny and informative. It allows the audience to open their own dialogue about deep seeded personal issues, both sexual and emotional, tackling such things as self loathing, fetishes, relationship shifts, and manipulation. Even if the particular kinks aren’t something you’ve experienced, the film is relatable in some way on every level. It’s a perfect balance of heartwarming and laugh out loud hysterical. With a superb ensemble cast, a fun soundtrack, and excellent writing, The Little Death should most definitely be on your list this weekend. The winner of the Audience Award at this year’s SXSW, you can count on a little something for everyone. Monica still The Little DeathI must take a moment to acknowledge what I think is the most beautiful and revelatory story in the entire film. The unique final scene between Monica and Sam, is some of the best dialogue I’ve seen in some time. 50% of which is in sign language, it allows us to  completely break down the barriers of communication in a very literal sense. Every moment between actors Erin James and T.J.Powers is perfection. It’s the perfect ending to an already out of this world indie gem. Even if the rest of the film weren’t as fantastic as it is, this scene alone brings laughter and happiness to your head and your heart. Most definitely seek this film out. You cannot go wrong.

The Little Death comes to theaters and VOD Friday, June 26th.

SYNOPSIS: The secret lives of five suburban couples living in Sydney reveal both the fetishes and the repercussions that come with sharing them.

Country: Australia

Language: English

Release Date: 26 June 2015 (USA)

Filming Locations: Sydney, Australia

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